You're inner boss-babe goddess is dying to get out!

Could what you're wearing be holding her back?


The way you dress communicates who your are in seconds.

How YOU & others see yourself can make-or-break your success.

(Positive affirmations simply aren't enough, babe!)

You have the power to show the world who you are...

How are YOU going to use that power?


I'm here to guide you!

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Hi, I'm Karina, aka ThirdEye babe!

 I'm here to help you clarify your style and super-charge

your confidence, so you can make a bigger impact in your world!

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Kristi - B2B Sales

'Closet Detox / Remix'

"I was feeling lost with my wardrobe, I have a bunch of clothes but nothing to wear. After Karina went through my closet with me, we put together a number of interview outfits from what I already own & landed a new job! Karina will help you to see what great things you already have to work with, and bring more focus to your future

shopping trips. I have so much more clarity on the types of pieces I should be buying, so I’m less overwhelmed when shopping and not wasting money. I also learned a lot about how easy it is to use accessories to add an a little extra, and polish, to an outfit. She’s awesome!!! And very patient!"

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Have a clear Style Vision, knowing exactly how to shop & what to wear

  • Bring ease to your mornings (and your dating life!)

  • Look and feel confident everywhere you go.

  • Save time and money every time you get dressed.

​​Babe, stop hiding and say goodbye to the out-dated version of you

Say hello to the new ELEVATED version of you

Let me show you how (warning: this will be FUN!)

*Book your FREE 20-minute
Style-Alignment Session NOW
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